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The royal family is headed to Canada with the kids in tow!

Prince William and Duchess Catherine are gearing up for their return to Canada and this time, they are traveling as a family. The royal couple first made their way to Canada after their wedding in 2011 and they are looking forward to heading back on Sept. 24 for an eight day tour.

Now, the Prince and Princess are reportedly “looking forward to introducing their young family” to Canada.

“This is a great opportunity for them to introduce their children to a major realm before things like school start to make these things difficult later on,” a spokesman said on Monday. “They really enjoyed taking Prince George to New Zealand and Australia and are delighted to have this opportunity to introduce them to Canada.”

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This will be the first official tour for 16-month old Princess Charlotte. Prince George famously toured New Zealand with his parents in 2014. The couple has reportedly been on the look out for kid-friendly events during their 8 day tour.

“The proviso is that they are very small children, but the plan is for the family to get a chance to say ‘hello,’ ” a source close to the palace revealed.

“A group of military families have been invited to share what should be a really lovely morning with plenty of surprises for the children,” the spokesperson added.

Aside from the children the couple will be traveling with an entourage of 12 people. This includes three private secretaries, a tour secretary, a personal assistant, an operations manager and four communications staffers. Duchess Kate’s personal hairstylist and a nanny will also be in attendance but paid for privately.

(h/t PEOPLE)

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