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Herman Cain’s thoughts on Ben Carson

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Back in October of 2013, Dr. Ben Carson revealed that he was audited by the IRS shortly after giving a keynote speech at the National Prayer Breakfast, which was critical of the Obama Administration.

Herman Cain makes some humorous asides in reference to the fact that neither of them were invited back this year, even though they both know how to pray.

After this, he plays a sound byte of Dr. Carson making an analogy about the pitfalls of socialistic policy and its effects on public morale, namely reduced incentive to work, redistribution of wealth, redistribution of health insurance costs and healthcare itself.

Currently we have, Cain concludes, “A government that continues to try an attain equal results rather than creating an atmosphere for equal opportunity.”

All of this results in disincentive, which Herman Cain rails against in the clip below:

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Herman Cain is a businessman and former Republican presidential candidate. Follow him on @THEHermanCain


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