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On a recent episode of “Conan,” rapper and actor Ice Cube debuted the new trailer for his film “Fist Fight.” “Fist Fight” tells the story of two teachers, played by Ice Cube and Charlie Day of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” fame, who decide to fight after the last day of school.

And by decide, we mean that Ice Cube challenges Charlie Day to a fight, and Charlie Day spends much of the movie trying to get out of said fight, or at least prepare himself.

While he debuted the first clip for the film on “Conan,” Ice Cube explained that he would fight Charlie Day, but that Day probably fought dirty.

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“Charlie Day look like he sneaky…look like that {inaudible expletive} sneaky,” Ice Cube said. “He look like he can bite real good…a good baller grabber…or he stick you with a safety pin.”

“He gotta fight dirty,” he added.

Despite Day fighting dirty, Cube still believes he would take an easy victory over Day. Once he said that, Charlie Day emerged from backstage to defend his honor.

“You want to make that joke with Kevin Hart…I’ll fight you right now,” Day said before he revealed a safety pin.

“Little sneaky motherfucker,” Cube responded.

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