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It’s about to go down on “The Voice!”

Sixteen-year-old Riley Elmore wowed the judges with his incredible take on Frank Sinatra’s classic, “The Way You Look Tonight.” For a young man, Elmore really crooned with the best of them, and left both Adam Levine and Blake Shelton begging him to join their teams.

“There were moments that were brilliant, and I want to make every moment brilliant,” Levine said. “And there’s Blake. Here’s what he’s going to do: he thinks that Michael Bublé is the only other person who sings this kind of music, and he’s going to talk a lot about his friendship with Michael Bublé, and it shouldn’t mean much.”

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“Riley, if I could come back as somebody, I want to come back as Dean Martin. He’s my hero. His talent, his personality, his drinking,” Shelton said. “Anyway, I love Michael Bublé and he is about the only one left doing it anymore, and look at the guy. He’s selling out arenas, he sells 8 or 9 million albums a year. So, man, you’ve got a wide open lane in front of you, dude. The only problem you have is you’re about to pick the wrong coach.”

Levine took a cue and immediately jumped onstage to start coaching Elmore: “Loosen up.”

Then, Levine took the mic and gave his own rendition of the song, eventually bringing Elmore in for a duet.

Tune in to “The Voice” tonight at 8 p.m. ET on NBC to see who Elmore picks as his coach!

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