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Awards shows just aren’t for everyone. Even if you’re an avid watcher of various shows, the pomp and circumstance of televised congratulations like the Emmys can just feel like too much. If you groan at the thought of sitting through acceptance speeches, Bill Burr is in your corner, with enough acerbic quips to make the fanfare bearable. Well, almost.

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Burr shared several keen observations, highlighting things that he found hilarious about the show. Burr noted the largely white audience, saying that the show looked like a concert for classic rock band Foreigner, but he got a laugh out of how the Emmys made sure to make the front few rows of the crowd more diverse. He did say he got a few laughs out of the jokes about New York City bodegas, so he wasn’t all critical.

Mostly, Burr just can’t handle the self-important atmosphere that seems to come along with the top echelons of show business. As a comedian, Burr makes his living by offering funny perspectives on serious issues, so it’s no surprise that he rolls his eyes at the Emmys. Showing something pretentious to Burr is like dangling a steak in front of a dog; he just has to tear it apart.

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