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Inspiring: Non-verbal autistic man turns knack for assembling furniture into business

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, Rare Staff


Brad Fremmerlid is 25 years old. He lives in Edmonton, Canada. He also has severe autism.

He cannot read. He cannot speak. What he can do, however, is make sense of any diagram. This has enabled him to assemble all of the furniture that we buy and don’t have the patience to put together.

Mark Fremmerlid, Brad’s incredibly supportive father, has been a source of encouragement and has always helped his son accomplish as much as possible. He decided to help his son turn his gift into a business called Made By Brad. Brad will come to your house and assemble your obnoxiously complicated furniture for only $10 to $20.

“Everyone tells us we should be charging more, but we’re not really looking for money… We just want him to have something meaningful to do,” says Mark.

Entrepreneurship. Hard work. It’s a beautiful thing.

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