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Fresh off her national tour, Gwen Stefani has never been better.

She sat down with Ellen DeGeneres Friday on the “Ellen” show and talked about it.

“It was spiritual,” Stefani said of her tour. It’s been seven years since her last tour.

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“I had this epiphany that they are a reflection of my heart because they are the people who actually listened and cared,” she said of her fans. “It was incredible.”

She also talked about the incredible experience of touring with her sons. “Can you imagine three little boys on a bus after a show…it was exhausting,” she said

“Seeing dads tatted up, they probably had been old school No Doubt fans, with their daughter on their shoulders, their first show. The whole thing was full circle and magical, and fun,” she said of the tour.

At the end of the interview, though, Ellen implied the question we all want to know.

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“Before I make plans, because I make plans way ahead of time, tell me when you’re getting married, because I need to know, so I can clear that schedule,” Ellen says.

“Oh, you’re crazy,” Stefani responded, balking at the question.

“No, now,” Ellen insists.

Gwen Stefani has been dating former cast mate on “The Voice” Blake Shelton, making their relationship officially public in November 2015.

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