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“Hollywood Medium” Tyler Henry has done it again.

The 20-year-old appeared on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on Thursday, and DeGeneres opened up about the private reading he gave her.

Henry revealed that he discovered he had this gift at the age of 10 when he sensed his grandmother, who was ill with cancer, was going to pass away soon.

“One night I went to bed and woke up and just had a complete knowingness that my grandmother was going to pass away. It was like a memory that just hadn’t happened yet,” Henry explained. “So I went into the room to tell my mom that I felt that we had to say ‘goodbye’ and my mom didn’t really know what to make of it, so we started heading out the door and my mom’s phone rang. And when she picked it up, it was my dad telling her that my grandmother had just passed. From there, it really evolved. I feel like this ability just chose me.”

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He’s been doing this work now since he was 16 and recently read DeGeneres’ wife, Portia de Rossi. DeGeneres then welcomed de Rossi to the stage to talk a little about the experience.

“So Portia was the guinea pig. I said, ‘You try it first,'” she said. “So you came to the house. I wasn’t home and you didn’t know where you were and you saw Portia. […]”

“And I about fainted,” Henry added.

“That’s how I feel every time I see her,” DeGeneres said. (Aww!)

De Rossi revealed that she keeps a lot of her deceased relatives close in her heart and mind, especially her father, who passed away when she was 9. She went to Henry to help her connect with them.

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DeGeneres also shared her experience with Henry. Before the show, Henry gave her a private reading that impacted her life greatly.

“This morning Tyler did a reading with me and he told me probably one of the most profound things. And it’s very, very personal, so I’m not sharing it, but it kind of changed my life,” she explained. “There was a message that came through that was important for me to hear. And it was amazing.”

DeGeneres then introduced a clip of de Rossi’s reading when she came to their home a week prior to filming “Ellen.”

Right off the bat, Henry was sharing details about her father as she teared up. He even know that de Rossi’s father called her “Mandy” when he was alive, as she was born Amanda Rodgers.

He also accurately described her poodle, Mable, who is now hanging out on the other side with her father.

When he wrapped up, de Rossi stood and thanked him. “That was incredible.”

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