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The Los Angeles Police Department is denying rumors that they have an open investigation into Brad Pitt.

According to sources, Pitt was under investigation by the LAPD after he got “physical” with his children on a private jet last week. It was reported that Pitt and his wife, Angelina Jolie, were both interviewed by DCFS and the children were going to be interviewed as part of the investigation.

The Hollywood Reporter spoke with Sgt. Barry Montgomery of the LAPD on Thursday.

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“We have no criminal investigation that we are actively pursuing,” Montgomery said. “To my knowledge, [Pitt talking to police] never happened. And right now, that is where our office is. We are not investigating any case, nor do we have any allegations against Mr. Pitt. We understand how rumors get spun up and hopefully we can put a few of them to rest. We have no investigation¬†involving Mr. Pitt.”

Jolie filed for divorce from the actor on Monday, citing irreconcilable differences as the cause of the split. She reportedly wrote September 15 as the day of separation.

She is seeking full physical custody of their six children and is offering Pitt legal custody and visitation.

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