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Following Saturday night’s terrifying blast that injured 29 people in Manhattan, sources say that two thieves may have inadvertently defused a second bomb about four blocks away, according to DNAinfo.

The thieves, who were described by sources as being well-dressed, discovered a rolling suitcase on West 27th St., removed the pressure cooker bomb inside and placed it in a nearby garbage bag, before simply walking away with the suitcase. Police were then able to examine the cell phone attached to the bomb and identify it as belonging to Ahmad Khan Rahami, who was taken into police custody Monday on suspicion of planting two bombs: one on West 23rd St. that injured 29, and a second in Seaside, N.J., which exploded but injured no one.

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It turns out that a second set of thieves discovered another explosive backpack on top of a trash can in Elizabeth, N.J., with five explosives inside. The thieves dropped the bag in the middle of the street and immediately called police.

Rahami was later arrested following a shoot-out with police in Linden, N.J. Rahami and two officers were wounded. 

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