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It all started when the news came that 58 tickets to Keith Urban’s Sept. 16 show in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada were stolen from a local business. And folks, these were primo seats — several on the floor in rows 1 through 5.

According to “Edmonton Journal,” all of the ticket numbers were already recorded so whomever tries to use those tickets, which are probably being sold via scalpers, will find that they have been voided. Can you imagine the heartbreak of being taken for a ride?

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Shortly after that announcement came, Keith shared video on his Instagram page of his own disastrous little ride in Prince George. The country star had decided to have some fun on his morning off and since he had his Jeep with him, a little off-roading adventure seemed like the thing to do. He found a spot filled with mounds, bogs and lots of dirt, and proceeded to throw his ride into four-wheel drive.

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Apparently, Keith was attempting to charge a significant sized mound, but either didn’t punch the accelerator quite enough or the back tires got bogged down in the dirt. Regardless, the Jeep ended up with its rear end buried up to the axle and the front end hanging in the air. With no way to get the traction that was needed to just drive it out, Keith did what he had to do. He grabbed a shovel and began to dig… and dig.

Obviously, he made it out, and he had a good-natured chuckle at the show that night where he shared the video with his audience and proclaimed, “Four-wheel drive my ass.”

Rare Country will keep you updated on case of the stolen tickets to Keith’s show on Saturday, Sept. 16.

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