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Dropping your child off at college is harrowing and heartbreaking for any parent, but can you imagine doing it when your child is going to a school more than 1,000 miles away from home?

We’re betting Faith Hill is feeling all kinds of emotions as she has spent the week driving middle daughter Maggie to her new home-away-from-home, but she isn’t spending too much time dwelling on the goodbyes. Instead, she is making sure this extended road trip is full of magical moments and memories to sustain Maggie when she gets homesick, which she is bound to do.

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We previously showed the pair kicking off their journey with a singalong to Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood,” but the fun didn’t stop there. Faith is obviously concerned that her family is well fed, so a stop at Marfa Burrito, in tiny Marfa, Texas, shows the two dining on burritos as big as their heads. The micro-sized desert town, which is well known as an artist’s community in west Texas, also has a somewhat out-of-place Prada “art installation” that obviously caught the fashionista’s attention. And to say they were excited to see it might be an understatement.

A must stop while in Marfa…. Just ask Maggie. #🌯

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Faith, who is in her late 40s, leaps into the air, executing a perfect back tuck that would rival any high school football cheerleader at a Friday night game. And as much fun as it is taking this sweet trip with mom and daughter, that has us more blown away than the magnitude of that burrito Maggie is chowing on.

How could we not stop at this iconic art installation?!

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Safe travels, Faith and Maggie!

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