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Oh man, it’s hard not to read between the lines, especially when there is so much mystery surrounding a celebrity couple and their unexpected breakup.

Scrolling back through the timelines of Jana Kramer and Michael Caussin shows a couple that considered each other a “best friend.” Their fairy tale wedding photos take anybody’s breath away, and when baby Jolie Rae arrived it looked like their picture perfect cake got a generous dose of icing. They shared photos of their precious family on occasion, but not enough for anyone to tire of it. We always want more of a happily ever after.

Only, happily ever after wasn’t to be.

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Just last month, Jana announced that she and Michael were, in fact, separating. Further news reported that he was, in fact, entering rehab. Not a lot of other details have been made available, and we’ve watched Jana throw herself into her new role as a dancing partner to Gleb Savchenko on ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars.”

However, on Sept. 14, Jana took a break from dancing to attend her gal pal Carrie Underwood’s show.

If you’ve been to one of Carrie’s shows, you know she has enough hits that she can do a whole 90 minutes of songs we know by heart — “Jesus, Take the Wheel,” “All-American Girl,” “Mama’s Song” — plenty of happy and fun songs. But, when Jana snapped a selfie video at the show and shared it to her Instagram, the song that Carrie was singing at the time seems rather telling… and so does Jana’s caption.

"Maybe next time he'll think before he cheats". Thanks @carrieunderwood. #music=therapy

A video posted by Jana Kramer (@kramergirl) on

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On her Instagram page, Jana shows video of Carrie singing her smash “Before He Cheats.” Jana turns the camera to herself and sings along passionately. The caption reads, “Maybe next time he’ll think before he cheats. Thank you Carrie Underwood. Music = therapy.”

And we’re just going to let that lay there.

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