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Let’s face it, everybody’s got a pet peeve. But, perhaps not everyone has one as quirky as Jason Aldean.

In fact, the country superstar hates going barefoot. Yep! You read that right.

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Fans may recall that Jason spoke candidly about his personal vexation back in June when he and his wife, Brittany Kerr, took to Instagram for a fan Q&A session. Now, Jason is opening up once again about the trouble that’s irked him since his childhood.

In a recent interview with CMT’s Cody Alan, Jason said, “I’ve always been that way. When I was younger our house had carpet. So, it was always soft. Well, now our house has these hardwood floors that are distressed. It’s kind of rough.”

But, the flooring in Jason and Brittany’s humble abode isn’t the only area that the 39-year-old country crooner is concerned about when it comes to keeping his toes extra tidy. In fact, the outdoors can be a headache, too.

“Our place down at the beach. If you come down from the beach there’s sand on the floor, and it’s just that kind of stuff drives me crazy. Then you get in bed and you’ve got sand on your feet,” said Jason, “I just cut out all of the junk.”

Jason admits that he keeps his feet pampered with a handy extra pair of shoes and swaps them out during the colder months.

“I have these UGG things, but they’re not the boots. It’s like the really short ones that you slide on to walk around the house,” said Jason. “I keep a pair of those on the bus and around the house. In the summertime I wear flip-flops, [and] in the wintertime I wear those things.”

He added, “But I don’t want anybody thinking I’m walking around with UGG boots on. Please. I know where this will be heading. We’ll have social media blowing up. I do not wear UGG boots.”

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While Jason doesn’t expose his feet out in public, he does admit that they could potentially be his best asset.

“I could be a foot model with these things,” he joked.

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