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On the NBC variety show “Maya and Marty,” Martin Short reprised his role as overweight and outspoken celebrity interviewer Jiminy Glick, interviewing the likes of Drake, Kelly Ripa and Larry David.

For one particular episode, Glick sat down with Jerry Seinfeld and had the comedian in hysterics from the get-go with his introduction of “and from the ’90s, Jerry Seinfeld.”

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Glick poked fun at Seinfeld’s “dullness” and his penchant for observational comedy before launching into complete absurdity, asking Seinfeld, “Where were you when the Queen killed Princess Diana?” and stuffing his mouth full of donuts and gumdrops.

This hasn’t been the first time Glick has interviewed the “Seinfeld” star. Back in 2001, on the second episode of Comedy Central show “Primetime Glick,” the pair sat down for another laugh-out-loud hilarious interview. Clearly, the two of them together are comedy gold.

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