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Jesse Ventura: Edward Snowden’s Nobel Peace Prize nomination “may well save his life”

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Governor Jesse Ventura, host of the new “Off The Grid” on Ora.tv, shared with Rare Wednesday his opinion of Edward Snowden, calling him a hero and suggesting that his recent Nobel Peace Prize nomination could save his life.

“In my opinion, he absolutely is a good whistle blower. He’s a hero,” the former governor of Minnesota told Rare.

“Any time our government violates the Constitution, or our government violates the Bill of Rights, it’s courageous citizens like Edward Snowden who have come forward and made us aware of that. And that is not a criminal and that is not a traitor. He’s someone who’s doing his job as a citizen.”

“I think it’s terrific and wonderful and it might just save his life,” Jesse “The Body” Ventura said of Snowden’s recent nomination for a Nobel Peace Prize.

“The United States government apparently has him quite well targeted from things I’ve been reading about…And I think in light of being now honored as being nominated for a nobel peace prize, it’s going to make it to where it may well save his life.”

Ventura’s criticism of the government isn’t limited to a single party, but rather the whole system.

“The problem goes before President Obama,” he said. “It goes back to George bush and the war in Iraq and all of these wars.”

“It was Bush that passed the Patriot Act that strips us of our basic freedoms as citizens. And of course Obama has continued to allow the Patriot Act to exist.

“The Patriot Act should be repealed immediately. It’s a violation of our constitutional rights…liberty is security, freedom is security,” Ventura said, making reference to Ben Franklin’s famous statement, “Those who sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither.”

“When people expose the government violating the Bill of Rights, they are absolutely heroes. I’m overjoyed that they’ve nominated Snowden for the Peace Prize.”

“It’s very disturbing to see the direction the United States is going when we’re talking about our constitutional rights and freedoms, because we’re supposed to stand for freedom.”

Ventura discussed his new show “Off the Grid” and shared the story about being silenced for his opposition to the Iraq war. “I was under contract for three years, they wouldn’t put me on the air. In essence they silenced me. I have to honor the contract. The problem is a great many Fox News and people like that won’t even interview me.”

He likened his new show to Radio Free Europe, comparing the United State to East Berlin.

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Mr. Wallace is the host of Rare talk radio, and is a father, writer and "liberty propagandist." He currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia. Follow him on Twitter @KurtWallace


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