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Jimmy Kimmel killed the opening of The 2016 Primetime Emmy Awards!

Kimmel started out the award show with a hitchhike through Los Angeles starting out with a ride in the infamous white Bronco from “The People vs. O.J. Simpson.”

After getting kicked out of the Bronco, Kimmel hitched a ride with the Dunphy family from “Modern Family.”

That ride didn’t last long, either. Convinced Kimmel was a magician, Phil Dunphy offered to show him a magic trick and ended up crashing the mini-van into a pile of dirt!

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That’s where James Corden came in! The late night funny man offered to drive Kimmel to the show and the two broke out into song.

After leaving Corden’s car, Kimmel tried to grab a ride from “Veep” star, Julia Louis-Dreyfus as her character President Selina Meyer. But, the best surprise came from the front of the limo. Kimmel was shocked to see former presidential hopeful, Jeb Bush sitting up front.

“Do you know you can make up to $12 an hour driving with Uber?” Bush asked.

Kimmel eventually made it to the show when he was picked up by Queen Daenerys and her dragon. But, Ryan Seacrest wasn’t so lucky.

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