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20 years after the death of his six-year-old sister JonBenet, Burke Ramsey sat down with Dr. Phil to reexamine the case murder that drew interest from millions across the country.

Sitting in a room with Dr. Phil, Ramsey, who is now 29, watched a video of his police psychology interview.

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The psychologist asked him to draw a picture of his family, and in the interview, he left out his deceased sister, JonBenet.

“When you see that, do you remember it?” Dr. Phil asked.

“Yea, I remember the room. I think I didn’t know it was a psychologist,” he said, with a smile on his face.

JonBenet Ramsey AP File
JonBenet Ramsey AP File

“Did you consciously not draw JonBenet?” Dr. Phil pried.

“I don’t really remember what was going through my head, but she was gone so I didn’t draw her,” he replied.

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Many rumors have surrounded the Ramsey family in the aftermath of JonBenet’s death. The murderer was never found.

An indictment was brought for the Ramsey parents in 1999, not directly for the murder though. Instead, they were charged with creating an unsafe environment for their daughter that lead to her death. The indictment was never officially signed by the district attorney.

The Ramsey son went on to dispel the notion that his mother, Patsy, could have killed JonBenet. “It doesn’t make sense,” he said, adding that she never came near laying a finger on her children.

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