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In a recent sit down interview with Dr. Phil, father of the slain JonBenét Ramsey, John Ramsey, walked the TV host through the search he did in his house and the moment when he ultimately found her body.

Police Detective Linda Arndt suggested to John Ramsey that he search the house to see if anything was awry. He did so with Fleet White, a friend of the family. This action is something that the family has been criticized for, because without knowing it, they could have tampered with evidence.

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He started his search in the basement, “the most logical entry point,” he told Dr. Phil.

“Went into the, we called it the train room…there was a window open, there was a suitcase sitting under the window that shouldn’t be there,” he said.

Screenshot of JonBenét Ramsey/Dr. Phil/YouTube
Screenshot of JonBenét Ramsey/Dr. Phil/YouTube

The window is also a point of contention. It had been broken since the previous summer.

“I wasn’t surprised that the glass was broken, but I was surprised that it was open.”

Next, he goes to the wine cellar, which was more of a junk room. “I was going through methodically every square inch of the basement, and I opened the door, and there’s JonBenét,” he said.

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Ramsey shared that his initial feeling was an overwhelming sense of joy for finding his daughter, having not realized that she was dead.

Once he realized that she wasn’t going to wake up, he says he started to scream.

They took her upstairs, and laid her down. Arndt checked her pulse and confirmed that six-year-old JonBenét had died.

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