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Last week, a grandmother and a friend were found passed out and overdosing on heroin in a car as the little child in their care sat in the back seat unaware of what was happening.

A photo was taken that went viral, representing the ultimate cautionary tale.

City of East Liverpool, Ohio/Facebook
City of East Liverpool, Ohio/Facebook

Police administered Narcan® at the scene and both adults survived.

Just days later, though, the same situation occurred, this time without graphic imagery.

A North Carolina couple was discovered by police passed out in a car, having overdosed on heroin. Again with a little child in the car, this time a three-year-old kid.

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The Goldsboro Police Department posted information on Facebook about the discovery and subsequent arrests of Steven McCullen, 27, and Christine McCullen, 26.

Greensboro Police Department
Goldsboro Police Department

The two were found with unopened packages of what is believed to be heroin, as well as syringes.

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Here’s what police wrote in the press release:

On September 12, 2016 at approximately 0710 hours officers from B-Shift responded to the McDonalds located at 2002 Wayne Memorial Drive in reference to a suspicious vehicle parked on the lot.

Upon arrival officers found Steven Britt McCullen W/M DOB 09-03-89 27 yrs. old and Christine Danielle McCullen W/F DOB 07/27/1990 26 yrs. old in their vehicle. The two subjects were passed out from apparent Heroin overdose. There was several open packages of what is suspected to be Heroin, and several unopened packages of what is suspected to be Heroin also. There was several syringes located on scene along with the drugs.

The two suspects had their 3 year old child in the car, and the child was transported to Wayne Memorial Hospital to be evaluated. Wayne County Social Services was notified and took custody of the child. The child had no injuries. 

The two subjects were taken into custody and charged with Possession of Schedule I drug, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, and Child Abuse. The driver Mr. Steven Britt McCullen was also charged with DWI. Steven Britt McCullen received a $12,000 secure bond. Mrs. Christine Danielle McCullen received a $10,000 secure bond. Both suspects were placed in the Wayne County Jail. The first court appearance will be September 13, 2016 at 0900 hours.

There has been an increase in cases such as this one. If you see a car out of place or parked for a period of time, and it does not belong at that location please call local law enforcement and let them investigate. Thanks to the caller who possibly saved the lives of these two individuals.

The McCullens did survive, but will face serious charges of possession of a schedule one drug, possession of drug paraphernalia and child abuse.

If it weren’t for an anonymous caller, they might have died.

(H/t Buzzfeed)

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