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“Ugh! Mom!” Michael Consuelos is probably thinking those words right now.

On Wednesday night, Kelly Ripa appeared on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” and told the most embarrassing story about her 19-year-old son.

Now that he’s off at NYU, Michael likes to hop on the subway every few days and spend some time at home (so his mother can do his laundry, naturally), but his new favorite spot in the house is apparently Ripa’s shower.

“He loves college. About every two or three days, he takes the subway home and drops his laundry off,” Ripa said. “And recently, I have started finding him in my shower.”

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She let that sink in for a moment before adding, “I probably shouldn’t be saying this because I’m sure his friends will be watching this.”

“You can’t say that you caught him in the shower,” Fallon laughed. “He uses your shower with the door locked, yeah?”

“Well, no. Not with the door locked,” she explained. “I will come home and I hear the shower running and I think I must have left the shower on somehow.”

“Oh, he didn’t tell you he was coming home?” Fallon asked.

“No, no. He just happened to be in the neighborhood,” she laughed. “And I walk in, and he goes ‘uh, knock much?’ and I go, ‘in my shower? No, I don’t knock much.'”

So embarrassing!

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