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Kim McGuire, best known for her turn as Mona “Hatchet-Face” Malnorowski in John Waters’ classic 1980s film “Cry-Baby,” passed away this week. She was 60.

According to TMZ, McGuire fell ill after a recent bout of pneumonia. Her husband “Gene says docs discovered Kim had a bad case of pneumonia and put her in the ICU,” the site reported. “However, Kim didn’t take well to treatment and she went into cardiac arrest twice … passing away on Wednesday.”

Though she was mostly recognized as the woman who brought Hatchet-Face to life, McGuire’s career went far beyond acting in a movie. Throughout her life, she was active in theater, wrote a number of books, and was even a licensed attorney in several states.

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According to a GoFundMe page set up in her honor, McGuire is survived by her husband Gene.

“I am at a loss for words as to what Gene is currently feeling,” a friend of McGuire’s wrote on GoFundMe. “The last thing on his mind should be money. Everyone who came in contact with Kim couldn’t help but smile.”

According to the GoFundMe writer, Kim and Gene had to start over after losing their home and possessions during Hurricane Katrina.

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