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Larry Birkhead finally has some closure in the death of Anna Nicole Smith.

In a recent episode of “Hollywood Medium,” a young clairvoyant named Tyler Henry connected the late reality star with her former lover and blew everyone away.

Henry described writing messages on a mirror, which completely stunned Birkhead.

“There’s no way that he would have known that. It kind of blew me away that he knew,” Birkhead said.

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Henry went on to describe a big hat that a woman would wear, as well as the significance of the state of Kentucky and the month of May.

“Well, you’ve kind of hit a few different things,” Birkhead said. “One was the lipstick on the mirror, which is something we always used to do. We used to write messages back and forth. And I met my daughter’s mother in the month of May. In Kentucky, with a crazy hat on, like you mentioned. At the Kentucky Derby.”

Birkhead later revealed that he initially didn’t want to bring Smith into the mix but was surprised by the knowledge Henry had about his 10-year-old daughter’s late mother.

“Some of the things he talked about, no one would really know,” he said.

“Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry” airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on E!

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