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Listen to this brother speak so lovingly of his little sister battling a rare muscular disease

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Brother and sister Trenton and Lindsay Cochran have shared a special bond ever since Lindsay was diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy, a disease suffered by about 13 out of every 100,000 children, according to Boston Children’s Hospital.

“I’m in a wheelchair because I was born with not strong legs and I couldn’t walk or I couldn’t crawl or anything; so, I got a wheelchair when I was 2-years-old and I’ve been driving it ever since,” said Lindsay in a K-Love radio-station video clip posted last year to YouTube.

Lindsay’s brother, Trenton, has been a constant source of support, helping his sister with daily needs and spearheading fundraisers for spinal-muscular-atrophy research.

“I wouldn’t have, like, a good brother to help me with the stuff I need to be helped with and it’s just easier for me to go through life with my big brother,” said Lindsay.

For Trenton, the admiration is mutual.

“Just ’cause she’s different doesn’t mean she doesn’t fit in. Sometimes people would just stare at her and it’s like ‘Normal person here — human being,’” Trenton said.

“She’s one of the center parts of my life like I would take a bullet for her,” he said, choking back tears “She’s just my best friend; I would do anything for her,” he said.

“My life would be nothing without her.”

The video has touched the hearts of nearly half-a-million viewers.

“I absolutely love this little boy. What a great kid, brother and person. I hope they live long happy lives together so they will always have each other,” said YouTube user William Lack Jan. 25.

User Richard Afolabi had something similar to say.

“Priceless! An unexpected expression of affection. He’s just put one more star in the sky for her and named it after her,” he said.



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