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A lot of toddlers will learn words and sentences by having nursery rhymes and songs recited to them by their parents, sitters, teachers and family. “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star,” “The Farmer In The Dell,” and “Hush Little Baby” are mainstays in most parent’s musical catalogs.

And then there’s Isaiah Fisher.

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Now, we feel pretty confident that Isaiah’s mom, Carrie Underwood, and dad Mike sing those sweet baby songs to him regularly. They are, after all, responsible, loving and active parents. But it appears that Isaiah may have more of a penchant for Mommy’s catalog of hits. And not only that, but it looks like he’s developing pipes like Carrie’s, too.

In a new Instagram post that is purely sound, Carrie has melted our hearts when she and her baby boy take on her own hit single, “Heartbeat.” There isn’t any image to go along with the post, but it isn’t needed. It’s obvious that Isaiah is way into this mommy and son singalong. The toddler doesn’t show one ounce of timidity as Mom sings a phrase and he fills in the blanks. And as much of a powerhouse singer as Carrie is, Isaiah is right there with her, belting out his “oh-oh-ohs” with every bit of energy his tiny body can muster. And it’s actually quite a lot.

Audio only…my sweet boy singing his little heart out. This is the most beautiful sound in the world!

A video posted by Carrie Underwood (@carrieunderwood) on

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Now, Isaiah hasn’t quite mastered pitch like his mom has, but come on! He isn’t even 2 years old yet, so full sentences and using a potty are probably bigger priorities than nailing the right note. And honestly, what he lacks in pitch he more than makes up for in enthusiasm, which is what will make him a remarkable entertainer — if that’s what he chooses to do when he grows up.

Remember though, Isaiah’s daddy Mike is the newly named captain of the NHL’s Nashville Predators, so baby boy could just as easily step into skates and pick up a stick to follow in his daddy’s tracks. It’s too soon to tell, but isn’t it fun to speculate?

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