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We had heard rumblings and rumors of it, and Jana Kramer even hinted at it herself — that her husband, Michael Caussin, was in rehab for a sex addiction.

E! News ran the report during the Sept. 21 broadcast, but numerous entertainment publications have also cited Michael’s unfaithfulness as the reason for the couple’s split. But apparently, it was much more than just one indiscretion.

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Now, as typically is the case in these types of stories, the news outlets are saying that their informant is “a source close to Jana,” so at this point, it could be pure gossip or hearsay, but we can’t help but look back at an Instagram video that Jana posted while she was attending a Carrie Underwood concert. While Carrie was onstage singing “Before He Cheats,” Jana was singing right along. The caption of the video said, “Maybe next time he’ll think before he cheats. Thanks @carrieunderwood. Music = therapy.”

"Maybe next time he'll think before he cheats". Thanks @carrieunderwood. #music=therapy

A video posted by Jana Kramer (@kramergirl) on

If all of the reports are true and Jana was implying that Michael had cheated on her, we are even more in awe of not only her outstanding performances on “Dancing With the Stars,” but also her strength, grace and ability to, above all else, keep her daughter Jolie as the priority in her life.

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Let’s keep in mind that these accusations are “alleged” at this point and the couple is, to our knowledge, still separated, but not divorced. In fact, in “Dancing With the Stars” and Instagram photos, it looks as if Jana is still wearing her wedding band. Maybe there’s hope for reconciliation after Michael is released from rehab, but whatever the case, we are sending lots of positive thoughts and prayers to Jana and baby Jolie, and for Michael’s recovery.

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