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Having a teenage boy at home is definitely influencing Luke Bryan’s thinking and his music. Luke’s nephew, Til, who came to live with the country star in 2014, has been having a little trouble with Spanish. While Luke isn’t going to ground Til for bringing home bad grades in Spanish class, he is encouraging the teenager to take advantage of being in this class.

Luke says, “I said, ‘Man, you need to get in there and learn it. While you’re in the zone, learn it.'”

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While he’s after Til to master Spanish, Luke admits he wishes he could speak the language, too.

“I have caught myself multiple times wanting to go get the Rosetta Stone. I know minimal, 5 percent of the Spanish to get around. I go deer hunting down in South Texas a lot, and a lot of the guides down there speak Spanish.”

On top of that, Luke goes to Mexico every winter for his Crash My Playa concert vacation. He also sees a lot of Spanish-speaking fans during his shows at the rodeos in San Antonio and Houston.

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“We have a lot of bilingual fans,” Luke says.

So, how long will it take before Luke adds a little Spanish into his music?

He says, “I’ve always thought maybe down the road it’d be fun to throw a little of that into a country song, too. It’s on my radar.”

Just don’t expect Luke to write those Spanish lyrics on his own.

He jokes, “I have trouble writing country music songs in English properly.”

For now, Luke is sticking close to home with his upcoming Farm Tour EP, “Here’s to the Farmer,” due out Sept. 23. His 2016 Farm Tour launches Oct. 5 in Gaston, South Carolina.

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