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In the Netflix comedy show “Lady Dynamite” comedienne Maria Bamford plays a comic and actress who’s trying to make it in the entertainment business while also coping with her anxiety and other mental health issues. If you know anything about Bamford and have watched her stand-up, you know that the character she plays in that show is a fictionalized version of herself as made evident by her “Just for Laughs” set in 2011.

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Bamford had the audience cracking up with her bit on an old co-worker, Vanette, who wouldn’t give her the time of day, but seemed to love talking about her office shenanigans.

35 years old at the time, Bamford also riffed on what it was like to get older.

“I can’t wait ’til I’m freaking 90. Just rolling in my wheelchair and my pink terry cloth jumpsuit, wrapped in my fanny pack where I keep my baked potato-size dog. Being like ‘tell me something I don’t know, playa!'”

So funny!

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