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This week, Rep. Mark Sanford (R-S. Car.) returned over 25 percent of his congressional office budget to the U.S. Treasury. Sanford said in a press release Thursday:

I have long believed that those in government need to spend taxpayer dollars as they would spend their own, both carefully and deliberately. Too often in government there is a distance between what a bureaucrat might spend money on and what a taxpayer would. Our office approaches this fundamental question from the side of the taxpayer and I believe our end-of-year surplus reflects that.

Today I am pleased to announce that our office returned $231,140.30 or 28.8% of the taxpayer dollars provided to our office by the House of Representatives for 2013.

Sanford is not alone among libertarian-leaning Republicans in trying to save taxpayer dollars by returning significant portions of their allotted budgets.

Senator Rand Paul returned $600,000 to the U.S. Treasury in 2013 and returned $500,000 in 2012, both constituting around 20 percent of his annual senate budget.

In 2011, Sen. Paul’s father Congressman Ron Paul returned $140,000 of his budget, $100,000 in 2010 and $90,000 in 2009.

Like Sanford, both Senator and Congressman Paul sought to get Washington to reduce spending through leading by example.

Ron and Rand Paul were also the first national Republicans to endorse Sanford during his 2013 GOP primary for South Carolina’s 1st congressional district.


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