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In case you missed it, Matt Lauer received mass criticism for his Wednesday night interviews with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump during the “Commander-in-Chief Forum.”

As Rare previously reported, the NBC broadcast put the two major party presidential candidates in a room full of veterans. Clinton and Trump talked largely about national security matters and who was better prepared to lead the country.

After the broadcast ended, the show’s moderator was criticized for “grilling” Clinton on her email scandal and rushing the presidential candidate through answers on hot button issues.

Page Six reports that Clinton’s camp even mentioned in a fundraising letter sent a day after the forum that Lauer “fell flat.”

When it comes to Donald Trump, Lauer received backlash for being “too deferential.”

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New sources came out this week to say “Matt was hung out to dry on this” and claim that NBC News and MSNBC chairman Andrew Lack was the mastermind behind the seemingly political bias.

According to the news outlet, Lack reportedly controlled the interview between Lauer and Clinton, and told Lauer how to handle questions directed toward each presidential candidate.

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Following Lauer’s negative criticism, Lack released a statement to NBC illustrating his positive thoughts on the forum. “We were able to bring the two presidential nominees together for the first time and presented an important examination of what each would bring to the role of commander in chief,” he wrote. “My deepest thanks to everyone who helped pull off this remarkable achievement.”

Other TV bigwigs feel differently.

“Lauer is used to being untouchable while others take the fall. Now he is getting a taste of his own medicine,” one TV insider said, while another added, “Andy Lack was trying to cover his butt, too. Apparently, he got heat for pushing the email questions.”

According to an NBC representative, “Andy is very proud of what Matt and the team accomplished — not to mention the 26 million viewers it attracted.”

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