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What would McDonald’s be without its famous hamburgers? One new European concept is trying to answer that question.

The world’s largest restaurant chain recently debuted Le Figaro, a McCafé in Paris. According to Grub Street, the restaurant offers standard cafe fare — coffee, tea, macarons, soups, sandwiches — but none of the McDonald’s favorites. That means visitors aren’t able to enjoy fries, McNuggets, or even burgers.

(Fun fact: In France, the Quarter Pounder really is called the Royale, as famously revealed by John Travolta’s character in Pulp Fiction.)

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While a cafe version of McDonald’s may take off in Paris, another burgerless concept fell flat. Grub Street reports that in 2010, “MacDo,” as the chain is casually known in France, opened a McCafé “with a menu heavily focused on a DIY salad bar.” However, it only lasted a year.

(H/T: Grub Street)

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