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During a 2015 appearance on BBC’s “The Graham Norton Show,” Melissa McCarthy literally started sweating when host Graham Norton showed two of the headshots that she had taken early in her career.

The “Ghostbusters” star explained that the goofy photos were in response to her agent asking for character shots, and McCarthy, who started out as a member of improv troupe “The Groundlings,” didn’t take the request all that seriously.

This first shot was taken when McCarthy was 26 and features her in a gray wig and “old lady glasses.”


“That’s like when you’ve had sex with a dolphin,” her comedian co-panelist John Bishop quipped, while actors Jude Law and Chris Pratt cracked up.

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In the second one, McCarthy is wearing a tiny cowboy Barbie hat (not “a bit of ravioli” like Norton had hypothesized).

She looks so ridiculous in these!

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