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First lady Michelle Obama sat down with Stephen Colbert on “The Late Show” to talk to about her last days in the White House and her Let Girls Learn initiative. However, while she was there, the subject of her husband’s picture taking skills came up.

Colbert asked Mrs. Obama about a recent Essence Magazine photo that showed her and President Obama standing together, head-to-head while holding hands.

Mrs. Obama shared that she was trying to talk her husband into just one more picture because he dislikes photo shoots and wants them to end quickly.

While talking about his photo taking skills, she said that President Obama has two smiles for photos, which she demonstrated by tilting her head from one side to the other with the exact same smile.

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Colbert asked who she had a harder time getting to stand for pictures, her children or her husband, to which she responded, “Oh my husband – without a doubt.”

She then laughed as she said, “I thought you were going to say him or Bo and Sonny,” referring to the Obamas’ dogs.

When Colbert asked which it was, she laughingly responded, “Him.”

Colbert then asked Mrs. Obama if she had any more impressions of her husband.

She responded, “Oh we, all three of us, have good impressions of Barack.”

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She said that it usually starts at the dinner table when their oldest daughter, Malia, asks President Obama serious questions about current issues. The FLOTUS then proceeded to perform a masterful impression of her husband’s drawn-out response.

She said that she and her youngest daughter, Sasha, get frustrated with his long responses because they would much rather talk about their favorite song on Beyoncé’s “Lemonade” album.

She also revealed that President Obama tries to leave work at the door when he comes into their private residence at the White House, saying that their family time is all about the kids and gossip.

“He’s really into gossip [..] because he doesn’t have a life,” she said.

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