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Former host of TV show “Dirty Jobs” Mike Rowe read an email from his mother Monday, and it was so funny he couldn’t stop giggling.

His mother emailed him noting that he had been active on social media a lot recently and wanted to know what the best way to get in touch with him would be.

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The email reads like a very old school written letter.

“If you prefer we communicate publicly, I’m happy to do so. Through a series of short stories perhaps, posted on our respective Facebook pages. That would be fun. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to post a video. But if I did, I’d read your this accont of my adventure over the weekend.

“It needs a title, and I’m stuck between ‘Old Blue’ or ‘Walmart People,'” he reads.

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The letter then delves into a short story by Rowe’s mother about her weekend adventure with Rowe’s father.

See if you can keep more of a straight face than Rowe.

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