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Mike Rowe made a name for himself hosting a show called “Dirty Jobs,” on the Discovery Channel.

While appearing on WBAL in Baltimore Thursday, the former TV show host disclosed the single dirtiest job he ever did. Brace yourself, it involves a toilet explosion.

“We were going to tag along with some firefighters doing a clean out the next day. The disaster company I was working with…called me at the hotel the night before and said ‘hey, something has just happened that you might be more interested in.’ I said,’tell me.”

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“There was an explosion, a minor explosion, in a sewage over in Queens. And as a result, a couple tons of sewage in one specific neighborhood when flying backwards through the pipes and through some diabolical, horrific infrastructure calamity, it all exited through the toilet in the basement of a woman named Mrs. Fraser.

“So we went to investigate Mrs. Fraser’s exploding toilet the next day…I can’t even tell you, when I walked into that basement, it was like a horrible glaze donut. Every single square inch of the basement was filled from the sewage, ostensibly from the people down the street. When you see your wedding photo, or your family photo, covered in the filth that just 24 hours ago was inside your neighbors, it’s a very personal and horrifying thing.

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“I spent 12 hours with this crew… making Mrs. Fraser’s basement look better. You’re not going to fix it, but suddenly you find yourself in this impossibly relative world where better just means getting most of other people’s poop out of your view. ”

That is one hell of a dirty job, Mr. Rowe.

He also shared a Facebook video this week while visiting his hometown of Baltimore, showing the beautiful sunset and the inner harbor.


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