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Ladye Hobson was in for a real treat when she got a phone call from her son’s school while at work.

“This cannot be good,” she thought as she began to wonder about what injury or wrongdoing landed him in the principle’s office. She recounted the interaction on Her View From Home.

“Ladye, this is Gayla. I just called to let you know that Brylan has made my day.” Hobson made a joke about the implications of being on a first-name basis with her son’s principal, but was relieved that his principal was in good spirits.

But when the principal explained the purpose of her call, Hobson explained her reaction as “embarrassed” and “mortified.”

Hobson’s son was harboring a dead squirrel in his backpack! (Yes, the new $50 Pottery Barn backpack embroidered with his name.)

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When asked, her son said that he “really wanted squirrel dumplings for dinner.” Hobson maintained that her family was country, but not that country.

The principal sent a picture:

Her View From Home/Ladye Hobson
Her View From Home/Ladye Hobson

The squirrel did not come home with her son.

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