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Moments from the southern storm that will give you hope

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The entire state of Georgia has been declared a state of emergency. Much of the south is closed for business and, while northerners sneer at our inability to handle the weather, the reality is that there are a lot of people in trouble. The beautiful thing about disasters is that we get to see people helping each other and there have been some great reminders that when things get bad, people do take care of each other.

A Facebook group called Snowed Out Atlanta popped up and thousands of people all over the area are offering food, shelter, and any other assistance needed. They quickly outgrew themselves and split off into more regional groups to help people in the metro Atlanta area.

Businesses opened their doors to people:

Home Depot in Atlanta took in stranded travelers and gave them a place to be warm for the night.

Publix also let people camp out in their store.

CVS became a makeshift shelter and opened their doors to people.



People offered help in any way they could.

This guy stood on the street and gave food to people stuck in the Atlanta gridlock.

These awesome students brought coffee to stranded passengers in Atlanta.



Countless schools, churches and business offered blankets and food.


Sometimes people don’t suck. Stay warm and be safe!


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