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Florida Man will never cease to disappoint when it comes to committing crimes that go awry in the most creative of ways.

Saturday was certainly not Florida Man’s day off.

The Marion County Sheriff Department is investigating an odd break-in after the now-late James Raines, 40, broke into a home while naked over the weekend.

The Ocala resident is accused of attacking three residents, two women and a man. One person was reportedly bitten by Raines during the attack.

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The residents pinned Rained down until deputies arrived. He was taken to hospital as he was suspected to be under the influence of alcohol or heavy drugs.

Raines passed away in the hospital. The cause of death was not released by the sheriff’s office.

Deputies went to Raines’ home, where they found a woman seemingly in need of medial attention and appearing under the influence of drugs.

The investigation is on-going, with the sheriff’s office asking those with any information to call (352) 732-9111.

(H/T The Orlando Sentinel)

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