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The Military Times has released the first scientific poll of the armed forces’ voting preferences in this upcoming election. The survey found a surprising virtual tie between Donald Trump and Gary Johnson among all military personnel. But Johnson had a commanding lead among military officers, with Hillary Clinton in second place.

The military has traditionally been a reliable Republican voting bloc. A third-party candidate doing this well is certainly a surprise.

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Here’s a breakdown of the poll:



Why does the military like Gary Johnson this election? According to the Military Times, it has more to do with opposition to Hillary and Trump than any particular views he has:

Of those surveyed in the new Military Times-IVMF poll, 85 percent said they were dissatisfied with Clinton as the choice for the Democratic presidential nominee, including 35 percent of those who plan to vote for her nonetheless. On the other side, 66 percent said they were dissatisfied with Trump as the Republican pick, including 21 percent of those who plan to vote for him.

More than 68 percent of respondents described Trump’s temperament as poor. More than 87 percent said the same about Clinton’s honesty and truthfulness. Only 18 percent rated Clinton’s ability to handle national security as good or very good, and only 27 percent rated Trump’s ability the same way. …

Approximately 90 percent of troops surveyed oppose Clinton’s use of a private email server for official business during her time at the State Department. About 60 percent opposed Trump’s handling of criticism from the Gold Star parents of a Muslim American soldier killed in Iraq.

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The fact that our military has no faith in the two people who are most likely to be giving them orders is disturbing. Americans should take this into consideration when they vote.

The military appears ready to take its chances with an inarticulate former governor over the two major party nominees. Maybe they know something most of us don’t.

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