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In 2015, Snickers released a Super Bowl commercial so excellent that it still receives regular airtime over a year later.

The Snickers spot follows their normal formula for a commercial, where a celebrity expresses frustration in a real-life setting before eating a Snickers bar.

Once they eat the Snickers bar, it turns out they weren’t a celebrity after all, and are actually just normal, everyday people.

In the 2015 iteration of this formula, Danny Trejo stars as Marcia Brady and Steve Buscemi appears as Jan Brady in a re-creation of a classic scene from the 1970s show “The Brady Bunch.”

The clip made headlines as it spliced together modern clips of Trejo and Buscemi with the real footage from the episode.

Actress Florence Henderson, who played Carol Brady on the original program, would later tell FOX that she loved the commercial for multiple reasons.

“I loved it. I made a lot of money,” Henderson said

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