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With the recent news of the terrible overdose tragedy at Norm Macdonald’s home, it’s nice to revisit a bit of hilarious nostalgia courtesy of the “Saturday Night Live” alum himself, who stopped by “The Howard Stern Show” to explain the origins of the classic “Celebrity Jeopardy” sketch.

Macdonald, who was on the show to promote his book “Based on a True Story: A Memoir,” said that the sketch was based off a previous sketch that Eugene Levy had written for Canadian sketch show “SCTV,” and that with the permission of Levy and Martin Short, who was also on “SCTV” at the time, Macdonald helped develop it it into the “SNL” classic that we know and love today.

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After regaling Stern with several stories about Burt Reynolds, whom he played in the sketch, Macdonald later delved into his emotional reaction during his final appearance on “The Late Show with David Letterman.”

“It was accidental. I didn’t go out there with that plan,” he said. “I really felt like […] he was my father figure. Letterman left a crater, not only for television but for popular culture.”

(h/t Uproxx)

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