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Ohio woman offers beer and cigarettes as lost dog reward

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I don't know about you, but if I were in Dayton I would have searched for Zoro. - Matt

Lost your dog recently? An Ohio woman may have come up with a quick and easy way to expand the search party.

Here’s the AP report:

An Ohio woman made fliers offering a case of beer and a pack of cigarettes as a reward for finding her lost dog—and it worked.

Twenty-three-year-old Abigail Miller of Dayton offered the unusual reward after her two dogs escaped through an open gate on Jan. 2.

She found one of them at a local animal shelter a few days later, but the other, a Husky named Zoro, remained missing.

The Dayton Daily News reports that Miller came up the reward because she could afford it and figured it would attract attention.

She was right. The man who called and told Miller where to find her dog turned down the reward, but she says she’s going to offer him some food from the sandwich shop where she works.


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