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Nik Glaser’s Goldendoodle puppy named Kramer became more than just a pet. In the past six years, Kramer helped Glaser through his anxiety attacks.

“I have clinical anxiety, and I go through phases where it can be overwhelming,” Glaser explained to TODAY.

“With Kramer around, I rarely get to the stage of having panic attacks. He’s very intuitive. If he sees I’m getting agitated, he’ll put his head on my lap or reach out with his paw. It’s a subtle thing, but it calms me.”

During a trip from Glaser’s home in Los Angeles to Seattle, Kramer disappeared. Glaser left him with an acquaintance, but during the trip received two different and confusing stories. An Airbnb guest texted to say someone tried to leave a dog at Glaser’s apartment, but that the guest turned them away. The dog-sitter claimed she left Kramer at the apartment.

Glaser returned to find his beloved dog gone. To cope he threw himself into the search.

“I did file a police report. But one person papering the street was only going to reach so many people. I knew the most powerful way to spread a message quickly was through social media,” Glaser told TODAY.

He used every form of social media available to him, eventually gaining 10,000 followers on his Instagram account, and made Kramer his own public Facebook account. Glaser spent every free moment following up on any lead that came his way. In February, his job required him to move to Seattle, but Glaser flew back for weekends to do the following-up he couldn’t online.

Finally, someone sent a tip about a Goldendoodle spotted at an LA shelter. After calling the shelter to confirm it was Kramer, Glaser sent a friend to pick him up and was on the first flight to LA.

“So. Many. Emotions,” Glaser recalled. “I had a friend spring him from doggy jail while I was in transit, so our first reunion would be at my friend’s condo.”

Kramer appeared well cared for, but very happy to see Glaser.

“He was definitely happy to see me!” Glaser said. “I think he was wondering where I had been this whole time.”

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