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Twenty-two-year-old Florida native Makayla Smith was charged on Monday morning with making a terrorist threat after using two Facebook accounts, under the names “Flomo Klown” and “Shoota Cllown,” to send threatening messages to Flomaton, Ala., high schoolers. Smith, who was arrested on Friday along with an unnamed juvenile who will also likely be charged, is being held on a $200,000 bail.

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The exact nature of the threats was not revealed, but they were apparently serious enough for a local high school to be locked down Thursday while 30 police officers and FBI agents examined the area. Though there are several active “Flomo Klown” Facebook pages, these are likely the types of messages that got law enforcement’s attention.

Warning: The following posts contain explicit language. 

“This type of crime will not be tolerated in Escambia Co. Alabama and we will ask that all involved parties be punished to the full extent of the law,” the local sheriff’s office said in a statement following Smith’s arrest.

This incident is just one of the several clown-based terror threats that have been reported throughout the South and in states such as North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia.

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