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Parents from a school in Prince George’s County, Md., were dismayed this week when allegations were made against a school employee who had numerous interactions with little children.

A school bus aide who worked for James Ryder Randall Elementary School allegedly abused a disabled 4-year-old boy in a horrific series of events that were all caught on camera.

Child Protective Services alerted the parents after discovering surveillance footage from the bus that showed the abuse.

The two horrified parents spoke to NBC Washington about what happened.

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“My son might say one or two words, but he does not say sentences at all, and I saw something change, but I just didn’t think of that,” the unidentified boy’s mother told NBC.

The child’s father added that he didn’t know what else they could have done to protect their son.

“We did everything possible to try and protect our kid,” he said.

“We are there at the first day of school, at the bus stop, meeting the teachers. We did everything, and he still got molested.”

According to the Washington Post, four children in total may have been molested by the unidentified bus aide.

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