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If anyone had an enjoyable weekend, it was the disgraced Martin Shkreli.

“Pharma Bro,” who has recently taken on internet trolling, found his way outside Chelsea Clinton’s Manhattan apartment on Sunday to greet Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. Clinton was heading out of her daughter’s residence after an intense medical episode forced her to leave a 9/11 memorial ceremony early to rest.

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As Clinton waved to the crowd of reporters and speculators wondering about that morning’s events, Shkreli decided that was the perfect moment to start shouting at Clinton.

He shared the video on Twitter, using the laid-back caption “Me yelling stupid stuff at Hillary.”

Shkreli is remembered for jacking up the price of a lifesaving HIV drug over 5,000% in late 2015. He responded to the ordeal by quoting Eminem. He was later arrested in connection with a fraud investigation of a company he used to own, and was released from jail after posting the $5 million bond.

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(H/T: The Hill)

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