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There has been a recent push to address the prescription opioid and heroin addiction epidemic in America, including raising awareness and easing restrictions on prescribing addiction-fighting drugs.

President Obama, who has taken the initiative to fight the epidemic, has announced that Sept. 18 through Sept. 24, 2016, will be set aside as Prescription Opioid and Heroin Epidemic Awareness Week.

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The White House said that Cabinet members and federal agencies would dedicate time during the week to address the addiction epidemic.

In February, president urged Congress to approve a $1.1 billion spending measure to combat the epidemic.

Though Congress is split on the best way to approach the crisis, they did pass a bill in July “aimed at curbing abuse of heroin and other drugs.”

“Some action is better than none,” said Obama, though he and other Democrats criticized the bill for not doing more.

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