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Princess Kate shared some encouraging words with a young student during a school visit in London.

Hannah, the 15-year-old school girl, gave a speech in front of the royal couple and later admitted to battling nerves. After meeting Kate, she told PEOPLE, “The princess said to me that I should always keep performing and I should never give up on my dreams.”

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“That is going to stay with me for the rest of my life,” she said. “I think the fact that they came here is going to help a lot of people be able to speak up about how they’re feeling,” she added.

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Klaudia, 12, also made a speech to the assembly. She said, “It was amazing meeting [the royals]. They said to keep doing what we’re doing and not give up and not listen to what other people say.'”

Their visit will help “a lot of people open their eyes to the fact that if you do feel worried and scared it’s not unusual, and it’s okay to talk about,” added Klaudia. “They said it’s important because one day their children are going to school. They thought it’s important for them, so it should be important to everyone.”

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