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Rare investigates: Who was the drunkest at the State of the Union?

, Rare Staff

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So, as you all know, the State of the Union was last night and the Internet is already abuzz with this policy question that the president didn’t address or that stupid comment that he made.

But, here at Rare, we like to focus on a different kind of buzz. And by that we mean that we decided to take a look at the drunkest people in attendance. Because why not.

Ted Cruz

Level of drunk (out of 10): 0

Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell (collectively)

Level of drunk: 1

Marco Rubio

Level of drunk: 2

John Kerry

Level of drunk: 5

John Boehner

Level of drunk: 8

John McCain

Level of drunk: 9

Joe Biden

Level of drunk:10

Willie Robertson

Level of drunk: 11


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