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This man is a true patriot. - Betsi

FAIRBORN — A local couple is thankful after a man they’re calling a “hero” helped them after a slide-off crash on Sunday night.

Wendell Ledbetter says his car hit a patch of black ice on Regina Drive in Fairborn and he ended up in a ditch.

“I spun twice,” Ledbetter said in an interview. “The car just did what it wanted to after that.”

The 77-year-old man called AAA, who advised him to wait two hours for a tow—but a complete stranger was there to help him out.

“He said, ‘I can get you out of there, don’t worry about it’,” Ledbetter said.

The good Samaritan was Cpl. Larry Draughn, a United States Marine Corps veteran and double amputee—a man we’ve told you about before.

Ledbetter said Draughn had his car out of the ditch within ten minutes, using his pickup truck and a chain.

“He said, ‘Don’t worry about it, I’ve got metal knees. They don’t get wet,” Ledbetter added.

Wendell’s wife Mildred said Draughn is nothing less than a hero, not just because of what he did for her husband.

“I mean there that boy is with no legs and he’s out there helping people still yet,” she said. “After he’s done everything a man could do in a lifetime for his country.”

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